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Long Beach Rising: Murals of the Movement

In the chaotic aftermath of the murder of George Floud at the hands of Minneapolis police, Cities all of the globe erupted in protest. In Long Beach, business owners boarded up thier storefronts in order to protect against damage. The artist community took to the streets and painted beautiful murals on the plywood boards. We re-discovered a collection of these boards and constructed an art exhibit that rain for two months in Downtown Long Beach. Here’s some snaps:



AfroBeat Explosion

The Hannibal Media Group produced an exciting musical celebration that featured the scintillating rhythms of AfroBeat and a tribute to cultural icon Fela Kuti. Additionally, the event was accented by an incredible art exhibit and scrumptious African Cuisine provided by the African Chop food truck. Sponsored by AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Deep Discount.com, Society of Black Latinos and Soul Food Kitchen.