On May 25, 1963, the heads of state from most of the newly independent African Nations gathered in Addis Adaba to confer about trade, future relationships and their place on the global stage. This historic event is commemorated each year on a day called Africa Day. The Hannibal Media Group conceived and produced a musical celebration in honor of Fela Kuti, the father of AfroBeat. This was a sensory explosion of color, infectious rhythms, great food and awesome unity. The AfroBeat Explosion took place inside the Miracle Theater in Inglewood, CA and a portion of was live streamed across social platforms and featured live concert performance by Najite and the Olokun Prophecy. Najite was a student of Fela Kuti and he brought his full flavor of AfroBeat to the stage against a backdrop of exhilarating digital graphics created by The Hannibal Media Group to underscore the energy of African music….. Here’s some pics from that evening: